The Greatness of Cleansing Oils


Recently, cleansing oils seem to be one of the most favorable face cleansers. My first intial thought was, ok this sounds nice for people that have dry skin but what about those that have oily skin?

If this is the case for you don’t lose hope no matter what skin type you have, cleansing oil mixes with preexisting oils already on your face, which ends up taking away the “bad oil and replacing it with the “good” oil.

One thing that I love most about cleansing oils is that unlike most facial cleansers they pull out dirt without clogging pores. Therefore, cleansing oil isn’t just great for preventing acne but since it contains antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients its perfect for those who have aging skin.

Although cleansing oils are great for cleansing the skin, some people prefer to not use it for cleansing and instead use it as a makeup remover which I have to admit is a brilliant idea.

Besides using it as a makeup remover, another great way to use cleansing oil is by using it as a brush cleanser. I haven’t met anyone who does this however, I happened to try it out of curiosity and now it’s something I do regularly.




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