Thrift Shops aka Sweater Paradise

Because sometimes its price doesn’t determine its quality
Now that fall has decided to reveal itself here In upstate New York I think it’s safe to say everyone is on the hunt for some cute oversized sweaters or at least I am. Lately I’ve been loving the soft grunge look and so I’ve been checking stores like forever 21, h&m, and urban outfitters but unfortunately I haven’t found anything that seemed to go with the look I’ve been sporting. That was until i went to my local salvation army…
I stood in awe as i realized i was in Sweater paradise. I ended up buying 5 name brand sweaters, they weren’t name brand but they were thicker and softer than the sweaters I kept running into at high end stores so for $5 each why not? It took me about an hour and a half of looking before I found ones that i truly loved because of you’ve ever gone thrift shopping you know that finding good things isn’t as easy as you think it is. So I’ve put together a few tips and tricks for the next time any of you are looking for awesome sweater or anything awesome In general.
1. Dont… and i mean DON’T take the size on the tags too seriously, most of the time when the actual tag has been washed/cut off employees mark what the item seems to appear to be so your best bet would be to ┬átry it on to get a real idea of how it would look.
2. Don’t but it because you “kind of “ like it… a lot of times in thrift stores I ended buying what I “kind of like” because it’s so cheap and i feel like i can put it to use. But In all reality if it’s something you don’t really like then most likely your not going to wear it.
3. Look carefully… holes in sweaters are sometimes hard to find so make sure you really give it a good look, no one wants to find a sweater they love only to find that they have to repair it.
4. Visit multiple thrift shops… sometimes all the sweaters you love won’t all be in the same place, the good thing is you can find plenty of them at a ton of other thrift shops so dont feel bummed out if you didn’t get lucky.