Look like Emily For Cheaper


Emily Ratajkowski is a 24 year old model that is known for her seductive looks and her great taste in fashion. What’s interesting about Emily is she’s so beautiful but yet her look is so simple, and easy to achieve.

In an interview with Elle, Emily states that she loves Tarte Cosmetics and though some of us have the opportunity to try makeup brands such as Tarte, there are others who need to stick by cheaper alternatives when using makeup.

If you find yourself in love with Emily’s makeup look but hate that you can’t splurge on cosmetics then fear no more, here is my list of affordable cosmetics that can be used to create Emily’s signature look.

1. Wet n Wild Mega Illuminating Powder ($3.99)

2. L’ oreal Telescopic Mascara ($6.99)

3. Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick – Airy Fairy ($5.00)

Emily occasionally wears black winged eyeliner or bronze colored eyeshadow but for the most part she wears the “no makeup” makeup look. Also, she doesn’t seem to fill in her brows and if she does it’s not very much instead she brushes then up.

Photo: Pinterest.com


The Greatness of Cleansing Oils


Recently, cleansing oils seem to be one of the most favorable face cleansers. My first intial thought was, ok this sounds nice for people that have dry skin but what about those that have oily skin?

If this is the case for you don’t lose hope no matter what skin type you have, cleansing oil mixes with preexisting oils already on your face, which ends up taking away the “bad oil and replacing it with the “good” oil.

One thing that I love most about cleansing oils is that unlike most facial cleansers they pull out dirt without clogging pores. Therefore, cleansing oil isn’t just great for preventing acne but since it contains antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients its perfect for those who have aging skin.

Although cleansing oils are great for cleansing the skin, some people prefer to not use it for cleansing and instead use it as a makeup remover which I have to admit is a brilliant idea.

Besides using it as a makeup remover, another great way to use cleansing oil is by using it as a brush cleanser. I haven’t met anyone who does this however, I happened to try it out of curiosity and now it’s something I do regularly.

photo: Google.com



Tata Harper Lip and Cheek Tint


Throughout the years of using makeup, powder blush seemed to be the only blush majority of people would use. Occasionally I would come across a few people that disliked powder and I thought well does it matter that much? Blush is just blush, how can you go wrong with blush?

Although powder blush is great, there are other forms of blush like cream blush that I forced myself to try and have found amazing. One favorite cream blush of mine is Tata Harper’s cream blush in the color very charming. This particular blush is perfect for all the nature lovers out there since its 100% natural and cruelty free.

The product claims to give you a pop of color which I have to agree with. The rosy pink color of this blush is perfect because not only does it go great with a variety of skin tones but it provides you with that youthful and healthy look.

The blush glides on smoothly and sinks deeply into the skin leaving a natural flushed looked, which is perfect for that “no makeup” makeup look. An awesome addition to this product is it’s versatile, not only can it be used as a blush but also as a volumizing lip tint and similar to when using it as a blush, it provides a natural touch of color to your lips making it perfect for those days when you feel your lips need a little color and that extra plump.


Photo: tataharperskincare.com