Natural yet Affordable Facial Cleansers

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Now that the weather has changed, some of us who haven’t already switched up our skincare routine are now in the process of doing so. Unfortunately, the process isn’t as easy as we  play it out to be in our minds because right when we get to the skincare aisle we are dumb founded by the selections that are available. To top that off we also have to think about which is better, how do we know it works? do we trust in the 20 reviews we read before hand about the product? do we just cross our fingers in hopes that this product will do what it promises to? Some of us take the time to do research, but majority of us don’t really put much thought into it and just buy the product that we hear is good. Actually, i used to be one of those people, until i realized that less is actually more and just because a product promises something doesn’t mean it can deliver it. Not to mention, after making an attempt to read all the ingredients i cant pronounce i figure maybe that means i should take the time to research what i’m putting into my skin, since of course it is our largest organ.

With that being said, the reason i’m focusing this post on facial cleansers rather than any other skincare product is because through my experience most of my breakouts and other skin issues have come from not using the proper facial cleanser. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to not skip over any steps of your routine, toner and moisturizer; especially moisturizers are very important and shouldn’t be pushed to the side since it does helps to avoid skin issues such as that dry and tight feeling.

To start off ill talk about my favorite go to cleansers ever which is Honey; and if you want to get specific, the honey i recommend is Manuka Honey since it is one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey. However, any kind of raw will do that job just fine. The reason i use raw honey as a facial cleanser is because honey its a natural antibacterial, full of antioxidants which helps with slowing down aging, and most of all because its it doesn’t strips your skins natural oils. For those of you who want to spend less than $15 i recommend buying raw honey rather than Manuka honey, Manuka honey is typically anywhere from $20-$40 but it is definitely worth the investment.

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Next, it another one of my favorites which is coconut oil. Just like honey, coconut oil wont skips your skins natural oils and is also antibacterial. However the only downside to coconut oil is if your skin is acne prone then coconut oil could make it worse since it is comedogenic. However, if acne isn’t your issue then coconut oil is definitely a perfect cleanser for those who have dry or sensitive skin. When purchasing coconut oil make sure to look for unrefined.

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And for my final facial cleanser recommendation i present to you… Argan oil. Most of the time when i mention any cleansing oils i often get strange looks especially from those with oily skin but trust me this beautiful oil contains antioxidants, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids. Argan oily works with your skins natural oil productions to help issues such as acne as well as sensitive skin or even those who suffer from eczema.

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As for my final thoughts i would also like to mention that all three of these products can be used day or night and also for spot treatments. 2 out of 3 of these products (honey and coconut oil) can be mixed with brown sugar to create an exfoliator or you can use them individually to create facial masks… as you can see when using natural skincare products possibilities can be endless :).


Pai Skincare, For Those With Sensitive Skin


I think it’s pretty safe to say all of those who have sensitive skin can agree that trying to find the right skincare products can be such a hassle. Trying to find certain products that don’t irritate and dry out your skin can be so time consuming, not to mention a waste of money. Especially these days where so many skincare lines are marketed to us that in the end leave us confused, we don’t know which one works best for us or which one won’t work at all.

Another concern is ingredients, people with sensitive skin have to be cautious when it comes to certain chemical ingredients, that’s why I like to recommend natural skincare lines like Pai Skincare, for those who have sensitive skin.

Pai Skincare company claims to be the experts on sensitive skin stating,We carefully select ingredients with proven remedial and skin soothing properties and keep our products free from irritating chemicals and alcohol.

What’s great about organic skincare line is they’re the first skincare company to list all of their ingredients in plain English so that everyone (not just those who made it) can understand the product they are purchasing and know what this product will be putting into their skin.

They also state that they don’t use “partum” on any of their ingredients lists, partum is a term that legally allows manufacturers to include up to 200 synthetic chemicals, including phthalates, in their products without declaring them on the label.

Therefore not only does Pai provide us with great products but they are also a honest company and unfortunately one of the only few who truly seem to put their customers come first.


The Greatness of Cleansing Oils


Recently, cleansing oils seem to be one of the most favorable face cleansers. My first intial thought was, ok this sounds nice for people that have dry skin but what about those that have oily skin?

If this is the case for you don’t lose hope no matter what skin type you have, cleansing oil mixes with preexisting oils already on your face, which ends up taking away the “bad oil and replacing it with the “good” oil.

One thing that I love most about cleansing oils is that unlike most facial cleansers they pull out dirt without clogging pores. Therefore, cleansing oil isn’t just great for preventing acne but since it contains antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients its perfect for those who have aging skin.

Although cleansing oils are great for cleansing the skin, some people prefer to not use it for cleansing and instead use it as a makeup remover which I have to admit is a brilliant idea.

Besides using it as a makeup remover, another great way to use cleansing oil is by using it as a brush cleanser. I haven’t met anyone who does this however, I happened to try it out of curiosity and now it’s something I do regularly.




Tata Harper Lip and Cheek Tint


Throughout the years of using makeup, powder blush seemed to be the only blush majority of people would use. Occasionally I would come across a few people that disliked powder and I thought well does it matter that much? Blush is just blush, how can you go wrong with blush?

Although powder blush is great, there are other forms of blush like cream blush that I forced myself to try and have found amazing. One favorite cream blush of mine is Tata Harper’s cream blush in the color very charming. This particular blush is perfect for all the nature lovers out there since its 100% natural and cruelty free.

The product claims to give you a pop of color which I have to agree with. The rosy pink color of this blush is perfect because not only does it go great with a variety of skin tones but it provides you with that youthful and healthy look.

The blush glides on smoothly and sinks deeply into the skin leaving a natural flushed looked, which is perfect for that “no makeup” makeup look. An awesome addition to this product is it’s versatile, not only can it be used as a blush but also as a volumizing lip tint and similar to when using it as a blush, it provides a natural touch of color to your lips making it perfect for those days when you feel your lips need a little color and that extra plump.



Skin Benefits of Coconut Oil


The cold weather has finally found its way here leaving some people either thrilled with its arrival or others dreading it. Whatever the case may be majority of us can agree the cold weather gives us some type of skin issue whether it’s dry or cracked lips, flaky skin, or inflammation.

When people come across these situations they tend to purchase Aquaphor or Vaseline, mostly because those have been the only products they’ve been taught to use but also because they’re easier to find.

However, there are other people who are willing to research more about the product they’re investing money in and often times find themselves taking a more natural route that leads them to purchasing a product such as coconut oil.

Coconut oil serves as a great substitute for Aquaphor and Vaseline not only because it’s natural but because it quickly penetrates deep into the skin providing it with the moisture that it needs, as opposed to Aquaphor and Vaseline which still penetrates the skin but for the most part remains on the skin’s surface.

An important fact you might want to consider knowing if you’ve never tried coconut oil before (especially if your skin suffers from irritation or inflammation) is that it contains Lauric Acid, which is also found in animal breast milk and has been shown to have antimicrobial properties.

Overall, coconut oil is a versatile product. It can be used as a oil for dry hands, a lip balm, a night cream, etc.



Harmful Chemicals in Skincare Products


The skincare industry has made billions of dollars from constantly distributing products with big claims. Often times skincare products are advertised to society using various strategies such as celebrity testimonials, paid reviews, and magazine ads.

People, especially women from the ages of 25-50 are the main targets that advertisement companies try to persuade. All throughout time, skincare products have made big claims such as “see results in just 3 days” or “this is the miracle product you’ve been waiting for” have captivated people with their false claims.

Today, billions of skincare products are being purchased without any warning of the harmful chemicals these products contain and how these chemicals can affect one’s health.

Harsh chemicals such as Tridasan, a synthetic antibacterial ingredient is believed to cause cancer. Along with another chemical known as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is a chemical used in car washes and garage floor cleansers. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is believed to cause depression, skin irritation, and even death.

Skincare companies know what these dangerous chemicals are capable of doing, but choose to not inform the public, due to all the profit they make off of them.

Therefore, some people are left to do their own research on these chemicals while others continue to use these products that contain these chemicals without acknowledging that that these chemical can be responsible for any health problems that they have or can have in the future.